Hypnosis for Anxiety

We have all experienced varying degrees of anxiety during the course of our lives. For instance, most people will experience relatively mild (but expected) anxiety when faced with stressful situations - such as making a speech or taking a driving test. This is an entirely normal response to a situation that we are rarely presented with.

    Hypnosis is a great way to reduce your anxiety and put you in a healthier frame of mind. Contact Stewart Therapies now to find out how hypnosis can help with your anxiety. Hypnosis for Anxiety in Perth.

Anxiety Disorders are typically much worse than the above and the anxiety may lead to an avoidance of specific situations because the person fears the anxiety may be triggered. It can lead to relationship problems and can also greatly limit a persons potential.

Perhaps you suffer from a generalised/free-floating anxiety and cannot identify the cause or maybe you fully understand the trigger that leads to your moments of anxiety? One part of the therapeutic process is to help each client gain a better understanding of the underlying factors that give rise to their anxiety. This process of identifying the patterns that form the foundation of the anxiety experienced helps to cause a shift - and once the pattern has been identified it can then be altered and replaced with a more useful one - eventually leading to a disconnection between the event and the stress response. 

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Hypnosis is an extremely effective treatment for anxiety disorders. It aims to identify the root cause of the anxiety and change an individuals perception of past events or attempt to release emotion from it.

If you suffer from panic disorders, generalised anxiety disorder or social anxiety disorder then we believe you could achieve very positive results using hypnosis. Contact Stewart Therapies now for Perth based hypnosis treatment for your anxiety and soon you could be free from your anxiety for good.

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We generally recommend 5 sessions for issues where the anxiety has been present for several years. The first session involves a comprehensive consultation during which we work with you to identify the root cause, resources needed and barriers preventing you from moving forward. The first session ends with a short hypnosis session for relaxation. The following sessions utilise all the information gained in the consultation to thoroughly reprogramme you in terms of how you perceive yourself in relation to the anxiety provoking situation/event.

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Hypnosis for anxiety is an efficient method - contact us now for information about how we can help you.