Corporate Hypnotherapy


Well Being and Self Improvement at Work


Corporate Hypnotherapy - The benefits

In modern society companies have to look for fresh and effective methods to energise and encourage their staff. With increasing pressure to reduce costs, make redundancies and enhance performance, companies need to do something different to support and help their staff through difficult times.


Corporate Hypnotherapy is a method that involves taking small groups of people within a company with the intention of enhancing productivity and performance through hypnotherapy.


Many studies have proven that stress in the workplace is a problem and it reduces productivity and workplace satisfaction.


Stewart Therapies can help your company:

  • Save money
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Increase employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Retain staff
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Enhance positive company image with current and future employees


Hypnotherapy can help your employees to:

  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Stop smoking
  • Improve confidence, productivity and motivation
  • Improve public speaking and much more!


Stewart Therapies offers a unique service that sits at the forefront of creating positive change for employers and staff. In providing employees with support means you are both investing in the company and showing employees that you do care.


On-site hypnotherapy, workshops and packages to suit your business requirements. Become a leader today!


Contact Stewart Therapies to see how we can help motivate your staff using hypnosis.

Guaranteed to relax, de-stress and motivate your staff

Return to Work Programs

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective when used in conjunction with other modalities in relation to facilitating the return to work after time off sick or after workers compensation claims.


Often returning to work after being away for some time can be rather daunting. The worker may have developed a loss of confidence in his/her ability to be able to perform to a required level. The worker may simply lose sight of how capable they are.


Anxiety can arise and this can prevent a comfortable re-entry to the workplace. If unchecked this can lead to further time off sick and, in the case of stress claims, it can lead to further extended sick leave.


Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective tool for helping people returning to work.

Reduce sick leave costs with Hypnosis

The Staff you want!

Corporate hypnotherapy will help shape and encourage exactly the kind of staff you want and need to ensure an efficient workplace – happy, healthy, motivated and productive. It’s great for them and it’s awesome for your business .Hypnosis taps into the most powerful organ in the body – the brain – to reset attitudes and negative thought processes. Not only does hypnotherapy delete these thought processes holding you back, it replaces them with positive ones.


Our Fees.

We offer a number of Corporate Packages and they are typically custom built for each client.


Group Prices


We typically work with groups of 5 and in some cases 10.


Our standard price is $400 per hour for Corporate Hypnotherapy for a group of 5.


For two groups of 5 we offer a reduced rate of $350 per hour (two separate one hour sessions).


Current Special!


Book a block of 5 hours for 5 people for $1250 (a saving of $750).



Single prices


The first consultation lasts 1 - 1.5 hours - $200


Additional sessions - $175 per hour - however, if blocks of 10 sessions are booked this is reduced to $150 per hour and blocks of 20 a further reduction to $135 per hour.

The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity. -
— Tom Peters