Erectile dysfunction

What is it?

Erectile dysfunction (or impotence) is a man’s inability to get or keep an erection that allows sexual activity with penetration.

There are a number of basic causes of erectile dysfunction and they can be defined as either being physically or psychologically caused. In many cases it can be linked to tiredness or consuming too much alcohol and such occasional erectile dysfunction is pretty straight forward to remedy (get more sleep and drink less alcohol).

Erectile Dysfunction may have a psychological cause. Emma Stewart is a Sex Therapist who has helped many men to overcome erectile dysfunction issues.

Often, there is a cycle of worry that needs to be broken. There may be no physical cause and instead anxiety plays a significant role. You may have had a sexual encounter during which you could not get an erection and it is possible that you are now stuck in a negative expectancy loop - each time you think about sex you have a firm expectation that you will be unable to get an erection and the human body is fantastic at responding accordingly - and a self-fulfilling prophecy occurs. At Stewart Therapies we can help break that cycle!

Make Erectile Dysfunction a thing of the past! Emma Stewart is a Sex Therapist who can help with your erectile Dysfunction. Contact her now on 0438719088.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be caused by simply being too stressed - and this could have a multiplicity of causes (work, financial, relationship etc).

If you have ongoing issues with erectile dysfunction then contact Stewart Therapies now for help.