hypnosis for anger management

Anger is relatively common. We have all experienced that feeling of spontaneous anger. It can be a result of frustration, a response to aggression or simply a learned response. For most people the reaction is short-lived and soon passes to be replaced by a less problematic reaction/response.

Hypnosis for Anger Management Perth

Anger is actually sometimes useful and it is very normal. It becomes an issue, however, when it arises and becomes unmanageable. Some individuals are simply more angry for more of the time and this leads to aggressive reactions in situations where most people would respond assertively and or with no reaction at all.

Anger causes physically effects on the body - it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and various stomach problems. It can also causes emotional issues such as depression and anxiety and may even lead some people to self-harm.


Prior to any hypnosis we will work to identify the root cause of your anger and then help to identify triggers for later hypnotherapy sessions. We will work on both a conscious and subconscious level in order to change your negative thought processes.

We cannot state how many sessions you will need - it depends upon a number of factors - however, if you are intent and committed to change then we believe that you will have very positive results with hypnosis.

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