Hypnosis for Sexual confidence

Do you lack confidence in the bedroom? Do you have anxiety when it comes to starting a conversation with a person you are attracted to? Do you have a flight or fight response when it comes to making that first move or even responding to a first move?

We take a multi-modality approach to this issue and offer a number of effective solutions to your specific needs. We are client focused and are confident that you will develop the confidence you seek so that you can move forward in life and create those connections that you are seeking to develop.

Sexual Confidence Packages

Many Hypnotherapists do not have the skill-set to be able to offer a comprehensive multi-modality approach but Emma Stewart has a Masters Degree in Sexology and she has also been a Hypnotherapist for over 13 years. Her passion for excellence is mirrored in the client focused/centred packages that she tailors for each individual client. She  helped many men and women to approve their levels of sexual confidence and she offers three possible packages.

  1. $550 for a 2.5 hour combined Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy session.
  2. $1,000 for 2.5 hour combined Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy session plus 3 one hour follow up sessions.
  3. $2000 for a full day of Coaching (9 am to 4pm) - covering all aspects of confidence, becoming more attractive to others, overcoming fears, sexual prowess, how to be sexually adept, overcoming body dysphoria, dealing with premature ejaculation/erectile dysfunction and more. Two sessions of Hypnotherapy are also included and occur on the same day as the coaching. There is also the option to email Emma with questions following this session - unlimited emails for a 6 week period.

Prior to commencing any of the above packages you will have to complete a comprehensive questionnaire and from this we construct a variation of the package so that it entirely suits your needs.

Hypnosis for sexual confidence. Hypnosis can help with issues relating to your confidence in the bedroom. Contact Stewart Therapies now for help with your sexual confidence issues.


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