Hypnosis for Smoking

Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit.” – New Scientist

Unlike many hypnotherapists we do not guarantee that you will be able to quit after one session. This may be the case but due to the diversity of experience we cannot make any such guarantees. We usually suggest an intensive initial session that involves a consultation and hypnotherapy session and then two or three follow up sessions to ensure freedom from the habit. Of course, you may not require any sessions after the first one. We have had great success with many clients who have quit smoking with hypnosis. Contact us now and take that first step to becoming a non-smoker!

For smoking cessation we normally suggest 3 sessions with a follow up session 6 weeks later. We do not charge through the roof like many other hypnotherapists in Perth. 

 Contact Stewart Therapies now to quit smoking with hypnosis.

 Contact Stewart Therapies now to quit smoking with hypnosis.

We do know that if you have the will and desire to quit smoking then Stewart Therapies can assist you to become a non-smoker. We are confident that we can help transform your life and disconnect your need to light that next cigarette. We have helped countless people quick smoking with hypnosis and we are confident that, given the right attitude, we can also help you to quit! Hypnosis will help you to create that shift - remove blockages and barriers - and resource you with the inherent ability to change that you already possess.

There are so many reasons why you should use hypnosis to quit smoking! 

Eight Great Reasons for You to Kick Your Smoking Habit Today

1. Smoking related diseases claim an Australian life every 28 minutes.
2. Cigarettes contain at least 43 distinct cancer-causing chemicals.
3. Secondhand smoke involuntarily inhaled by nonsmokers is classified as a known human Carcinogen, responsible for at least 3,000 lung cancer deaths annually.
4. 20 minutes after a smoker quits the pulse, blood pressure and temperature of the hands and feet become normal.
5. 8 hours later blood oxygen increases to acceptable norms; carbon monoxide levels go down.
6.48 hours later there is an improved ability to smell and taste; nerve endings start to re-grow.
7. 2 weeks to 3 months later walking becomes easier, circulation improves, lung function attains a 30% gain.
8. 1 year later the excess risk of smoking-related heart disease drops by 50%!

Break that smoking habit now. Contact Stewart Therapies to become a non-smoker. Hypnosis will help you quit smoking.

You will discover a new you when you quit smoking. Once you break free from this anti-social habit you will find that your confidence will increase - your breath with smell better and you will be able to fully taste food again.

Hypnosis has been tried and tested in relation to helping people quit smoking. If you have a desire to quit then do it now. 

You will look back in weeks or months from now and be thankful that you made that choice to quit! Contact Stewart Therapies now and let us help you take that first step to a healthier and cleaner future you. We look forward to that call after 6 months when you tell us that you have been cigarette free since your last session with us.

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